About Us

Our modern-day life needs more natural aspects. Natural elements, cultural touches. We need to live a more pure and simple life with a minimalist sensibility. %100 natural cotton is our favourite material. Without any chemical uses, we support earth friendly production.
Live inspired…


Sherbet Design Designers:

Gozde Erkman:
Born on 1981 in Ankara, Turkey. Studied Communication and Design at Bilkent University. While she was interested in graphic design and oil painting, she moved to Istanbul and started working as Art Director for TV commercials and music videos. After being mom she started to design children clothing. Now as a mother of two, she is designing for Sherbet Design with her partner Aysel Ertan.

Aysel Ertan:
Born on 1974 in Germany. After living in Germany for 18 years, she moved to Bursa which known as the textile city in Turkey. After graduating from Bursa Uludag University she worked at well known textile companies in Bursa and Ä°stanbul and prepared collections for European brands. Now she lives in Istanbul as a mother of two, and designing for Sherbet Design with her partner.

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